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As you make your way through the frozen wilderness high in the mountains on your journey home, your carriage is suddenly attacked on the road as You are dragged out into the blistering cold and knocked unconscious…

You awake to find yourself locked within the corpse-filled basement of a roadside inn, the glowing yellow eyes of your captor staring back at you through the metal bars. Without saying a word he stands, and makes his way upstairs to sleep.

You must find a way to escape before sunrise, and before whatever has been eating the corpses runs out of food…
The Game
Your only hope of survival is to be as quiet as possible and find a way to escape the inn. If your captor awakens, he may not be so merciful the second time he catches you…

Everything you do makes some level of noise, be it how you choose to move around, interact with objects, or overcome obstacles in your path.

Every obstacle has multiple ways to overcome it. Some choices may be quick and easy, but have dire consequences later, others may be difficult, but lead to much better outcomes. You must think carefully about where you are, and what your actions could cause in the future.

This part of the world is dangerous and the environment itself may be an obstacle to avoid or overcome, be it the growling in the distant hills around the inn, or the freezing cold…
Single Player
First Person
3 difficulty levels
Save & load progress anytime
Non-linear gameplay
Multiple solutions to every obstacle
Content Warnings
Intense Blood & Gore:
Blood on screen when taking damage. Numerous bones, corpses, and body parts are displayed.
Moderate Violence:
The innkeeper and the player may physically attack one another. Murder is implied off-screen as well as rarely witnessed by the player. The player may be killed by wildlife.
Mild Horror:
Some scripted and unscripted jump scares may occur. If the innkeeper is awoken, running, hiding, and being attacked are common occurrences. As dawn approaches, additional threats begin to grow.
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